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What are you, puffa system?

The story of the puffa system began back in the summer of 2022. At that time, its creator, Ukrainian product designer Rostyslav Sorokovyi, developed two items as part of the collection — a sofa and an armchair. The minimalist design and comfort of the furniture immediately gained considerable favor and demand from the audience. It became clear: we need more 🙂

Today, the puffa system can already be called a true puffa family. After all, from two modules, the collection has grown to a whopping 16 (!) and now successfully combines various combinations of upholstered furniture: sofas, armchairs, poufs, and benches.

In all the various-sized modules of the puffa system, the number of segments can be changed independently, as the system's fastening system is extremely convenient. And if you want to make the objects, for example, deeper or wider than the basic configuration - you will only need to purchase additional segments. Such versatility makes it easy to adapt puffa system furniture to any residential or commercial space.

Moreover, all modules can be customized in terms of fabric type and color, while combining several different options. According to the designer's idea, the collection provides for two-tone or monochrome module options, as well as the use of boucle and velvet fabrics.

This “soft” family is complemented by the max metal side table, which can be freely installed between puffa system sections.

Rostyslav Sorokovyi:

“puffa is two in one, a pouf and a sofa. At one time, the combination of these words gave rise to the name of the collection. In terms of shape, puffa modules are round, reminiscent of AirPods cases, arranged in a row, only soft.”


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