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chair spicy

chair spicy


the spicy chair is an accent piece within an interior and can confidently be categorized as a collectible design. Its frame, made of a thick bent steel tube, shapes the characteristic sculptural silhouette of the product, harmoniously complementing the soft seat and roller back. The product's creator, Ukrainian designer Vladyslav Tolochko, maintains that just as the right amount of chili pepper enhances the taste of a dish, the spicy chair will add zest to any private or public interior.

  • Description

    To calculate the cost, you need to select the type of fabric and specify the desired color of the product.

    Fabric samples and color palette can be downloaded here.

  • Characteristics

    width  —  510 mm

    depth  —  600 mm

    seat height — 450 mm

    the height of the back is 800 mm

    degree of softness  — medium 

  • Downloads

    3D model 

    fabric and color palette (in development).

    product card PDF: (in development).


  • Design

    designer: Vladyslav Tolochko (Kyiv, 2021)

    implementation: kint  (Kyiv, 2023)

  • Delivery

    The product is delivered fully assembled. No additional assembly tools are required. Product delivery is carried out by courier services at the customer's expense.

  • Additionally

    the spicy chair can be easily customized to your request. Leave a request on the website (add to cart) or contact us (Telegram, Instagram), and we will assist in selecting fabric, determining color, or specifying the number of sections. We will also provide additional information and create a visualization of the final product.

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