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lamp-vase blend

lamp-vase blend

₴3,700.00 Regular Price
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The blend lamp-vase is a creation by Ukrainian designer Vladyslav Tolochko. Constructed from stainless steel, the product comprises two independent parts: a cylindrical vase with an additional hole for dried flowers, and a lamp in the form of a bent plate-petal. These two blend elements can be combined into a single composition or used to decorate the space separately from each other.

  • Description

    to calculate the cost, please specify the desired dimensions of the product. You can download the color palette here.

  • Characteristics

    width  — 180 mm

    length —  250 mm

    height  —  290 mm

  • Downloads

    3D model 

    fabric and color palette (in development).
    product card PDF: (in development).


  • Design

    designer: Vladyslav Tolochko (Kyiv, 2021)

    implementation: kint (in progress)

  • Delivery

    The product is delivered fully assembled. No additional assembly tools are required. Product delivery is carried out by courier services at the customer's expense.

  • Additionally

    the lamp petal can be customized by color.  

    interior designers: if you have long-term projects, the vase-lamp can be used in your visualizations.

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