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In the wave of rebranding

Meet the new kint!

The kint brand has been present in the Ukrainian market for over three years, now and during this time, it has naturally undergone a variety of transformations. Starting with the name Kulik Interior, which later evolved into kint (k — from Kulik, int — from Interior), and ending with a completely refreshed identity and recently developed branding by us.

The renewed kint is, as before, about our core values, but now with new meanings and a new visual aesthetic. Modern and minimalist.

Together with our creative director Max Voytenko and brand designer Albina Morozova, we have developed a new style, established brand fonts, colors, and imagery. Our kint logo has also undergone an update. By the way, now above the letter "i" there is not a dot but a rhombus – stylization of an element of traditional Ukrainian ornament. Beauty lies in the details, right?

Maxym Kulik:

“At the beginning of the kint rebranding, we only wanted to change the logo drastically, but in-depth interviews with the team and surveys from the brand designer gave us an understanding that we are no longer the same as we used to be. And we need comprehensive changes.”

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